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Mountain living does not mean having to completely forsake the beach

paddle boarder at St. Regis Punta MitaA standup paddle boarder at the St. Regis Punta Mita. Photo: courtesy of St. Regis Punta Mita

One of the biggest concerns for those considering a full-time move to the mountains is often giving up the beach. Alpine lakes and snow-covered peaks are a source of serenity and inspiration for so many, but for those who grew up near the coast, nothing truly replaces a dawn-patrol surf session or a sunset over the ocean.

Since the early 2000s, many people throughout the Intermountain West have been finding that beach fix in Punta Mita, Mexico, an upstart resort community just north of Puerto Vallarta. In just two decades, Punta Mita has transformed from a sleepy fishing village to a

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Five easily accessible spots for five different styles of riding off road

By Sasha Yakovleff

Sasha Yakovleff on The Road to Acrylon. Photo: Andy FitzgerrellSasha Yakovleff on The Road to Acrylon. Photo by: Andy Fitzgerrell

Springtime is finally here! After a long, dark, and snowy winter it's time to break out the mountain bikes in Northern Utah—that is, if you can find places to go that aren’t still covered in feet of snow. The Park City area is a nationally-recognized mountain bike destination, but where do riders go to get their early-season fix when their favorite trails are still too snowy or muddy to ride? Driving south to the desert is always an option, but there are also a handful of local spots if getting out of town for a few days is not an option. Here are five spring riding destinations around the

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Video from More Than Just Forests perfectly illustrates the allure of living in Utah.

There are a lot of quantifiable reasons to live in Utah: A robust economy, low unemployment, low crime. People are happy here. It's a great place to raise kids. In the end, those are all things that can be duplicated. There are a bevy of reasons to live in Utah that you can't put analytics or a scientific behind. These include the natural treasures that surround us—the mountains and valleys, lakes and streams that first attracted the Utes, Shoshone and Paiutes to the region, and the pioneers came later. They include the abundant snowfall, alpine trails, and vertical rock walls that entice adventurers today. This video from More Than Just Forests on the

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Even though Ogden Valley’s spectacular dark skies illuminate the heavens with the galaxies, once a year, the star power shifts southward to bustling Park City during the Sundance Film Festival.

Each year, around the third week of January, the Hollywood elite join up and coming filmmakers and storytellers in one of the largest and most popular independent film festivals in the world, and by far the largest in the United States.

Founded by film legend Robert Redford, a shining star in his own right, the festival’s 35-year history has launched the international successes of countless films. Some of the most notable are…

Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)

The Usual Suspects (1995)

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Park City local Sasha Yakovlef takes us on a stunning mountain bike tour around his hometown.

“I never thought I'd stay here so long,” Sasha Yakovleff admits. A sponsored mountain biker who grew up building jumps and riding trails in New Hampshire and Vermont, Yakovleff moved to Park City in 2014 to take a job with Scott Bicycles. While he has since moved on from Scott, his zip code has yet to change. The sheer volume of quality riding in and around his new home is a largely the reason why.

This video illustrates perfectly the variety of riding options in and around Park City. The majority of it was filmed around the Empire Pass area of Deer Valley, a zone that is home to some of the areas most iconic downhill-only trails, and that can be

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The Spence Eccles Freestyle Pool at the Utah Olympic Park is amazing, and open to the public.

The Utah Olympic Park is a one-of-a-kind facility unique to Park City. The park features a slew of attractions, including the opportunity for the public to ride in a bob sled or tube down the Nordic jump landing slope. The greatest amenity, however, may be the skiing and snowboarding water ramps. One of only two water ramp facilities in the United States (the other is in Lake Placid, New York), the Spence Eccles Olympic Freestyle Pool at the Utah Olympic Park was first constructed in 1993 in preparation for the 2002 Olympic Games. The facility is an integral training component for the U.S. Freestyle Skiing, Snowboarding and Freeskiing Teams. But best of

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Meet the American start-up that's redefining trucks and SUVs

By Derek Taylor | All photos courtesy of Rivian

Air quality is one of the biggest concerns in Northern Utah. Among the biggest contributors to smog are the cars we drive. In a perfect world, we'd all be driving zero-emission vehicles. But we have lives to live, and let's face it, a Nissan Leaf or Chevy Bolt isn't going to cut it for our weekend adventures to the desert. Rivian may be the ideal solution—a first-of-its-kind, all-electric, all-wheel-drive vehicle built for adventure.

Performance-wise, the Rivian will exceed similar gas-powered rigs.

All the recent hype has been on the Tesla Cybertruck, unveiled by Elon Musk in November 2019. The Rivian, however, has a few

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Outdoor Kids Grow Up to be Happier Adults

Words and Photos by Derek Taylor

Outdoor Kid Having Fun

Most of us have heard it; you may have even said it yourself as your eyes scan the mountains, streams and open spaces that make up the quintessential Western mountain town: “What a great place to raise kids.” While this may be common sense to many of us, new research has shown that being raised near wild spaces can be even more impactful that we previously thought. A recent study from Aarhus University in Denmark determined that children raised with access to nature grew up to be happier adults.

The study, published in February 2019, looked at data from nearly one million Danish residents over the course of almost three decades. After adjusting for various factors,

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Pro Skier, Team Manager, Sailing Captain, Wilderness Therapist… Scotty VerMerris wears a lot of hats. Here’s why he decides to wear them in Park City.

By Derek Taylor

Scotty VerMerris slashes a ski turn

Scotty VerMerris slashes through the Greatest Snow On Earth. Photo: John Howland

Talking to Scotty VerMerris is a lot like watching him ski. He jumps from subject to subject in much the same way he bounces from feature to feature—articulately and fluidly, but with constant energy and motion. This, apparently, is also reflective of his approach to life. The gregarious 39 year-old is not only a professional skier for brands such as Icelantic Skis, Zeal Optics, and FlyLow Apparel, he also manages Icelantic’s stable of sponsored athletes and social media.

Come summer, his focus

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Balancing Career and A Skiing Addiction in Park City

By Joe Johnson | Photos by Weston Shirey

Joe Johnson rests before his ski down Park City Mountain

I don’t know what the temperature is, but I can feel the crispness of my frozen nose hairs every time I inhale. Pole plant. Step. Glide. Repeat. My skins strum an accompanying beat to my breathing as they slide across the freshly groomed corduroy. The cone of light from my headlamp leads me up Park City Mountain Resort.

Is that my stomach growling? Maybe I should head home and dive into emails? I should have called [insert rep name here] about that [insert work problem here]. Maybe I should put in a few hours of work tonight to get ready for tomorrow? While valid, these questions are exactly why I started this little dance I call the desk jockey

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